The Visions Continue
July, 2019

Grace and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ: to all of the saints and friends of O’Fallon Apostolic Assembly. The Lord has truly blessed our church in sharing with us the “Vision of the Midwives”. We had a great conference and more importantly, the Lord confirmed His word to us. In insightful teaching and illuminated preaching, our Savior gave us light and wisdom regarding this important burden.

Every theme was well vetted and explained and made relevant. What power we experienced during sharing of God’s word. Evangelist Bouie, Bishop Dickson and Elder Kelley taught as can only be done under the unction of the Holy Ghost. One of the things that I found particularly delightful was when Bishop Dickson said that the more she got into her theme, the more the Lord shared with her. Such anointing and power was present to heal us.

Then each evening speaker ushered us into the deeper places in Christ Jesus. Dr. Ruff was a genuine discovery for me and a gift to the Saints. Bishop Pratt was all we hoped for despite the enemy’s attempt to destroy her voice; he could not destroy her ministry. Evangelist/ First Lady Tyson did a phenomenal job also. Then finally, one of the preeminent preachers of our times, male or female, District Elder Langham put the bow on it with. “Pentecost Revisited”. What a great series of messages.

All in all, everyone who attended this conference was well blessed. The Spirit of the Lord was in full command. As I celebrate our Lord, let me again give Him thanks for those members of the Visions Conference team who worked so tirelessly in bringing the Vision to fruition. Evangelists LaMyeia Bradshaw and Arsenia Tart, Sisters Olivia Reed, Tracey Isley, Jeanette Wells and Candice LeSane are invaluable assets to our church. Thank you ladies! The members of our church in general and the leaders of ministries were exceptional in your support. Each leader contributed greatly, and again, Thanks so much! Wonderful things can happen when we work together.

I close with this thought. The Vision was not just for the months preceding and concluding in June. There is a message that we must continue to pursue. We must continue to validate females in ministry and encourage everyone through the tests and trials of life. We MUST FIGHT for our sons, understanding that this is truly an “S.O.S” situation. We MUST nurture the next generation and we MUST know that God will give us our reward. The conference may be over but the VISION is not.


Bishop Wells