Greetings to all of God’s precious people.  I wish Happy New Year’s blessings upon each of you and your respective families.  Our Lord has graciously brought us through 2018, perhaps bloodied but unbowed to our adversary.  To God be the glory for the wonderful things He has done.
As we ponder and prepare ourselves for successful service in 2019, I believe that our Lord has shared a prevailing word.  Our theme for ministry this month is “Persevering Toward the Mark” from Philippians 3:14. From this excellent text of scripture, the Lord directs us to share the importance of perseverance in pursuit of the business of God’s kingdom. The concept is so instructional.  The Lord is teaching us that there will be
many obstacles en route to fulfilling our divinely appointed purposes.  In other words, we must expect our adversary to resist our every effort to do good in the earth.  He will attack and undermine every weakness
he can find, though not always to utterly destroy us, but sometimes to merely distract us.  The adversary knows that if he can just cause us to be ungainly preoccupied, he may get an advantage over us.
It is to this end that our Lord calls our attention to re-doubling our efforts to do good for the kingdom of God and the earthly community that surrounds us.  We must therefore set our faces like a flint and determine that with God’s help, we will not be stopped nor even derailed. Our course is becoming clearer day by day.  The more we walk obediently with our Lord, the more evident our task becomes.  Let us therefore resolve that in 2019, we will give ourselves to Him without reservation.  
Blessings and peace to all of you who love the Lord Jesus Christ and look to His holy appearing.  
Bishop Gregory Wells, Sr., D.D.